When Concrete Isn’t Enough, Hardscaping & Specialty Stone

When Concrete Isn’t Enough, Hardscaping & Specialty Stone

Sometimes we get calls to come to look at existing Hardscaping and offer our expert opinions on more aesthetically pleasing options. Usually, this involves existing concrete patios or walkways, which can work but aren’t anything to get excited about.

Linda from Yardley, PA had such a job. With a large backyard that included an in-ground pool, patio, and other features, Linda wanted a more pleasing look for her home. All the white concrete was, well, boring. And Linda wanted a look that more represented her unique style. 

We started by surveying the property and discussing Linda’s options. After showing her several different styles and colors, she settled on some cool ideas. For the upper patio, we went with Travertine, a natural specialty stone from Turkey with the look and feel of marble. Travertine doesn’t retain heat, so it’s easy to walk on even in the hot midday sun, and it certainly looks stunning. So, we removed the existing tile from the top of the concrete slab and installed Travertine on top. It was the perfect specialty stone choice for this property!

The concrete around the pool had begun to crack due to the extreme temperature changes in our region. The freezing of the ground due to moisture causes the earth to expand. When this occurs, the concrete heaves, which is how this cracking can occur. This is what had begun to happen at Linda’s beautiful pool. So, we decided to rip out the concrete around the pool and replace it with Cambridge three-piece ledge stone pavers with a 6 X 9 roundtable border. 

Take a look at the beautiful work created by Cambridge Landscapes for Linda’s amazing backyard.

Renovated landscaping, concrete and patio

Linda’s case is not unusual. Many people have lived with concrete for a long time. It used to be the way to go and is a less expensive option. For many people, there is nothing wrong with concrete. It works, it lasts, and it looks good. But, for some people who need a more interesting look that improves the exterior quality to one of grander design, concrete just won’t cut it.

There are many different Hardscaping options. We use a lot of Cambridge pavers – yes, another company named Cambridge – EP Henry and Techoblock, which are the three top quality manufacturers of Hardscape products. All of these companies offer different styles and colors that give a plethora of options to choose from. When designing a backyard from a neutral white concrete to a colorful Hardscape, we look for contrasting colors that accentuate the exterior color of your home’s palette. 

If you aren’t sure of the color, we can show you the styles and options, and assist you in making this big decision. But, trust that when the job is completed by Cambridge Landscapes, you will know that you made the right choice in working with a company whose mission is to ensure that we enhanced your home beyond your expectations. 

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