The Guide to Landscape Lighting

The Guide to

Landscape Lighting

So much work goes into a beautifully landscaped property. It takes planning, hard work, and regular maintenance. With so much effort to make such a beautiful property, it is easy to see why a homeowner would want to enjoy their yard even when it turns to night. That is where landscape lighting comes in! There are many benefits and styles to landscape lighting, which means that it can suit any property easily.

landscpae lighting pathway lights

Why get landscape lighting?

There are three main reasons why installing landscape lighting is beneficial for any property.

  1. Landscape lighting increases the home’s safety. Lights not only make traversing your property safer for your welcomed guests but also can be a deterrent for those who aren’t welcomed. You, family members, dogs, or even security cameras will have better visuals on what is happening in your yard even if its a dark night.
  2. It enhances the natural beauty of the home or landscape. Why only enjoy your lovely landscape during the day? Landscape lighting can be used to highlight architectural elements, water features, specific tree or plant specimens, and other elements you love. There are various lighting styles so you perfectly highlight important features and create beautiful effects.
  3. If the last two points weren’t convincing enough then this last one certainly sweetens the deal. Installing landscape lighting is non-invasive to put in and low maintenance to keep. This means that getting the lighting on your property will be fairly easy and often requires very little attention after its installed.

Where to place landscape lighting?

So we already mentioned that there are several styles of lighting that can suit anyone’s landscape. Each style is dependant on where the lights are placed and if it is a spot or floodlight. Spotlights will directly light up a specific area meanwhile floodlights will spill light over a greater area. Low voltage and solar-powered options are available for various landscape lighting solutions. Here are the lighting styles and where lights have to be placed for them:

pathwaylights landscape lighting

Path lighting, which is fairly self-explanatory, is small fixtures placed along the borders of pathways. This can be used for driveways, walkways, and even patios making walking around your property safer for your family and guests.

landscape lgihting accent lighting

Accenting styles use a narrow spotlight to highlight a specific element, like a statue for example. This light is usually hidden, so only the feature is illuminated and not the things around the source light too.

Down-lighting Landscape lighting

Down-lighting and Moonlighting are similar in which the light is placed high up and are aimed down. Moonlighting lights up larger areas and has a softer, almost natural effect. Down-lighting is stronger lighting and often lights less area but creates dramatic contrast.

Landscape Lighting Up lighting

Up-lighting and Wall-Washing are also alike because they both utilize a side-angled light aimed slightly upwards to illuminate a wall or surface. Wall-washing keeps the light a few feet away while up-lighting is kept fairly close to the building.

Shadowing Landscape Lighting

Shadowing and Highlighting both use lights placed at the base of a feature, for example, a tree, to create lighting effects. Shadowing has the light aimed at a nearby wall, so the shadow is projected on the wall, creating a lovely effect. Highlighting focuses on the feature, like a tree, itself rather than the shadow it creates.

Silhouetting Landscape Lighting

Silhouetting is exactly what it sounds like, placing a light behind a feature, such as a sculpted shrub, accenting the feature’s shape as the focus.

Landscape lighting is a simple but very effective solution for anyone who’s property and landscape are in the dark. It creates beautiful accents and effects while also making the property safe for family and guests. The fact that it is easy to install and very low maintenance just makes it all the better for any yard. Call Cambridge Landscapes today for a free landscape lighting consultation!