Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Bucks County, PA areas

We mentioned in a previous article “Does Outdoor Living Space Add Value to a Home” that outdoor kitchens are a great addition to any home for hosting and entertaining! An outdoor kitchen makes hosting with the new social rules in place due to COVID easier, allowing your guests to space out and enjoy the open air. Outdoor kitchen design can be built to blend in with your existing hardscaping and landscaping elements. In a way, it’s like adding another room to your home! So today we are going to go over outdoor kitchen ideas and also the benefits of installing one in your home with Cambridge Landscapes!

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen design means you’ll take your personal enjoyment and hosting capabilities to new heights. It also expands your living space which is always a great thing to have more of! Surely you already know that being outside is beneficial, but there are several reasons that having an outdoor kitchen is beneficial to you and your home.

  1.  Building an outdoor kitchen space has a great return on investment! It can be as high as 200%, so not only will you enjoy it but it’ll make your house more valuable and more desired to potential future buyers. Not many will say no to a house with a beautiful outdoor living space added in!
  2. We already mentioned how it’ll take hosting to the next level. Imagen grilling food on the patio, your guests gather around and socialize. In a regular indoor kitchen, it might get crowded, hot, and uncomfortable. Outside on the other hand there is plenty of room and amenities that can be added for comfort; lights so you can keep the party going into the night, heaters to keep the use of the space into the colder months, speakers to play music or tv to watch the latest game are just a few examples of why outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining!
  3. Who wouldn’t want to save a bit on the electric bill? Cooking outdoors means your AC doesn’t have to work as hard as it would if you cooked indoors. In turn, this means you save on energy costs by sparing your AC some effort!
  4. While it can be great to smell a delicious meal cooking, not all food smells are so pleasant. Fried food especially can make your whole home smell and your kitchen get a bit greasy. By moving the cooking to the outside you’ll keep your indoors fresher and cleaner!
  5. Grilling food in your outdoor kitchen is also a healthier and more cost-effective option. Not only can grilling enhance flavor but also make meals healthier since fats and grease drips away while cooking. When you have such a nice way to cook great food why would you want to eat out? So in a way, your outdoor kitchen encourages you to eat healthier and save money while doing it!

Landscaping Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas & Possibilities

There are so many options for making your outdoor kitchen truly special and a perfect fit for your home’s lifestyle. Your design can be as simple or complex as you want – it is all about how you want to use your outdoor living space. Let’s go over some of the outdoor kitchen ideas and possibilities that you use in your own hardscape design.

  1. Firepits – A cozy classic for outdoor entertaining! Imagen your friends or family gathering around the fire one cool night. You all talk and laugh, perhaps you make smores or perhaps hotdogs as you enjoy the warmth of the blaze. Firepits work for parties and for relaxing, so you truly can’t go wrong with having one installed! If your patio is styled more like a room then consider a classy fireplace as an alternative to a firepit.
  2. Pizza Ovens & Next-Level Grilling Areas – Who doesn’t love a good homemade pizza? A good pizza made in a rustic home pizza oven tastes fantastic and will be a great feature that your guests will adore! It can be easily accompanied by a grilling station to make an amazing specialized kitchen area! Get all the bells, whistles, and cooking luxury with elements such as countertops, hoods, pergolas with lights, fans, and more!
  3. Bars – A beautifully build bar can be a great stand-alone feature or be paired with other options for even more wow-factor! Have a great spot for your friends and family to mingle while sipping on a cocktail. Combine it with your outdoor kitchen, pool house, dining areas, or firepit to really make your parties a time to remember.
  4. TVs and Speakers – What’s a party without music or the big game playing? Rather than cramming into the living room, why not take it outside? Bluetooth speakers and flat-screen TVs can be added to any pergola, patio, or pool house so you can not only grill the best meal in the neighborhood but cheer with your friends and family as your team wins the game.
  5. Temperature control and lights – Let your parties last longer with fans, heaters, and lights added to your outdoor living space. Don’t let the changing seasons or the approaching night stop the good times! These elements can be added to your outdoor kitchen design subtly and greatly increase the comfort for you and your guests.

outdoor kitchen ideas bucks county pa

In conclusion, there are so many great things you can do with and benefit from an outdoor kitchen! Be sure to call Landscapes by Cambridge for a free consultation and estimate! By next summer you could have a fantastic new addition to your landscape and be the go-to-place to get together.  Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for more outdoor kitchen ideas and other great landscape design articles!