Landscaping Ideas for Problem Areas

Landscaping Ideas for Problem Areas

While we love our homes, the property we have isn’t always perfect. Sometimes our lawn has or has developed a problem area or two. It could be dry or wet sections, an overabundance or lack of sun, a slope, or too many bugs – every landscape has an issue or two that could use help. Unlike repairs in the home – it can be hard to know what to do with fixing the yard. We at Cambridge wanted to help all our neighbors with troubleshooting their landscapes! Thus, we have compiled a list of landscaping ideas for problem areas! We hope this advice helps and if your ready to solve the problem or if you need a different solution then be sure to give us a call! You can contact us today for a free consultation regarding your landscape dreams!

Landscaping Ideas for Rocky Land

If you have a rocky slope or just a rocky terrain in general then this idea is for you! Rather than fight it, why not use it to your advantage? Rocks can make a great addition to a landscape design. You can try a rock garden, where the rocks and plants play off each other to make a beautiful garden. If your in a dry area or want to avoid using irrigation then also consider trying a xeriscape! This type of landscape design idea utilizes drought-tolerant plants and often rocks for a low maintenance garden. Rocks are a low-maintenance, erosion-busting element that you can use in your design easily.

Landscaping Problem Areas - Erosion

If you have a rock-less hill or just a property that seems to be taking a hit from erosion then these might be the solutions for you! Retaining walls are a popular option in landscape design. Typically made of stone or wood, these walls help keep your landscape where it needs to be in a very aesthetically pleasing way.  Another option is to install a rock garden as we’ve previously mentioned! Alternatively, rather than installing walls and stone, then consider planting ground cover! Plants such as Vinca or Creeping Phlox, are not only pretty but also stop erosion as well! You can always use a combination of these options as well for your own custom solution! You can find more erosion-controlling plants here.

Landscaping Ideas for Repelling Bugs

Having a frequent problem with pesky bugs? There are two good landscape ideas that can help with this problem! First is to take care of any still-water or overly wet areas. There is a few way this can be done but we will go over that in the next section: “Landscaping Ideas for Drainage Problems”. If moisture isn’t the source of your bug problem then you can plant bug-deterring plants! Best part is that many plants that are naturally insect-repelling are also tasty herbs, so its a win-win for your garden! Bug-deterrent plants include: basil, borage, pot marigold, cat-mint, wormwood, chives, dill, garlic just to name a few. Find a more extensive list of insect-repelling plants here.

Landscaping Problem Areas - Sogginess

No one likes to have soggy or flooded areas in their landscape. Its unflattering and can lead to pesky bugs! Luckily, there are many solutions for your landscape drainage problems. French drains are an ever popular option that is effective and easy to disguise as a part of your landscape design. Alternatively, there is also the more decorative option of the “dry creek bed”. In fact you can easily combine both of those as an effective and aesthetically pleasing option. Don’t want to install any rocks or drains? Planting water-loving plants, such as red-twig dog wood, winter-berry holly, and pussy willow, will fit perfectly in those damp areas all-the-while adding more natural beauty to your landscape. You can find a more extensive list of plants here.

Landscaping Ideas for Privacy

Sometimes its good just to feel like your neighbors aren’t watching you every time you go into your own yard. If your looking to add some privacy and security to your property then try these landscape ideas! The classic solution is to put up a fence. It is easy to incorporate a beautiful landscape design that works with the fence without detracting from the natural beauty. This is probably the quickest option for solving the lack of privacy problem. Looking for something different then a fence? You can try “living walls”. This trend has become increasingly popular due to simply how beautiful they are. Living walls are essentially using plants as a wall or fence. Options include: growing vine on a lattice, installing a gravity watering wall of plants or planting and shaping shrubs and trees to make a purely natural barrier. These living walls take some time to make but are definitely worth the efforts when fully grown in.

Landscaping Problem Areas for Overly Sunny Areas

If you have a property that gets a lot of sun, then you might have noticed a problem keeping many plants alive in your garden. Thus, for overly sunny yards you can try a few things to still make the landscape of your dreams. First you can plant a tree that likes a lot of sun, using their base as a place of shade for other plants who like shade or partial sun. Some trees that are heat-resistant include: the acacia, ash, cedar, hack-berry and more! You can find a bigger list here. There is also the previously discussed xeriscape option as well! Otherwise lean into your property’s abundance of sun and plant sun-loving and drought-resistant plants such as yarrow, butterfly bush, and Russian sage. Extra benefit is that these plants tend to attract beautiful pollinators! Find more perennials for sunny areas here.

Landscaping Ideas for Shady Areas

Just like too much sun can kill off plants by drying them out, too much shade can kill plants too. Any one who lives in the forest-dense areas of PA & NJ would know how hard it can be to grow plants in shady properties. There are two potential solutions to this problem. You can either clear out the trees that are causing your yard to be overly shady or you can plant shade-loving plants. Clearing out can be helpful if the trees potential threaten your home during a storm but it can be a labor-intensive undertaking. Alternatively you can play with the abundance of shade and plant specific plants that prefer shade and are cold-resistant. Ground covers, vines, Boston ivy, bleeding hearts, impatiens and so on are all lovely plants that will thrive in your sun-lacking landscape. You can find more shade-loving plants here.

Solutions for Landscaping Problem Areas

In conclusion, despite the fact that every landscape has problem areas, that doesn’t mean their aren’t advantageous solutions to solve them! If you need a different solution or are ready to make your landscaping dreams a reality then be sure to give us a call today! Between our passion and expertise, your problem areas will become a beautiful addition to your next landscape design project! From landscaping and hardscaping to water features and outdoor livingCambridge Landscapes can make your yard into a dream property.

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