How French Drains & Retaining Walls Work

How French Drains & Retaining Walls Work

As you may have read in our “Landscaping Problem Areas” article, two of the most common issues that many PA properties face is flooding and erosion. Both of these if left ignored can be major hassles! Having still-waters causes mosquito infestations and erosion can destroy your beautiful landscaping efforts. Fortunately, there are solutions to those problems! French drains and retaining walls are a popular, good-looking, and effective at handling soggy or eroding properties. Therefore, in this article, we are going to answer the question: how do french drains & retaining walls work?

What is a French Drain?

French drains are a drainage solutions used to prevent flooding or soggy landscapes. It consists of a sloped trench with a perforated pipe and usually filled with stone. This design redirects water to prevent it from collecting in the problem area.

Signs that you may need a drainage solution like a French drain includes: persistently damp or muddy areas in your lawn or if it holds standing water. It may also discolor your hardscaping or home and cause damage. A French drain can solves these problems but also others including: a puddle riddled driveway, root-damaged gardens and more!

How does a
French Drain work?

French drains take advantage of the fact that water will always find the easiest path to the lowest possible point. By design a French drain utilizes gravity to move the water from the problem area to a designated discharge place. Think of it like the gutters on your roof, but on the ground! The stones help with attracting and moving the water but can also be used to enhance the landscape design.


What is a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are, well, walls! Often used in landscaping to hold (or retain) the soil that is behind it. These walls can be made of various materials but often is stone or wood. Gravity walls depend on their own weight to hold the soil behind it. Reinforced walls use layers to provide even more sturdy retaining properties. There are other types as well that are used for other kinds of situations. A professional landscaper would have to take a look at your specific property to determine which would be better to install.

One of the best things about retaining walls is that they can be very flattering, creating layers in your gardens and enhance your landscape design. They work really well on slopes or hilly areas – a common aspect of living in PA!



Landscaping problem areas with French Drains & Retaining Walls

If your landscape calls for it you can also have your French drain and retaining wall work together! This can be a smart move because retaining walls alone in a property that has drainage issues can damage the structure. When installed together, you get an elegant solution to your landscaping problems.


Do You Need Landscaping Solutions?

In conclusion,be sure to talk to your local landscaping company if you find that your property has drainage or erosion problems. If you need a different solution or are ready to make your landscaping dreams a reality then be sure to give us a call today! Between our passion and expertise, your problem areas will become a beautiful addition to your next landscape design project! From landscaping and hardscaping to water features and outdoor livingCambridge Landscapes can make your yard into a dream property.