Does Outdoor Living Space Add Value To A Home?

Does Outdoor Living Space Add Value To A Home?

Why adding outdoor living spaces (such as an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or a pool) into your landscape design is beneficial to your life and your home’s value.

We’ve all seen pictures or videos of these houses with amazing features…inviting in-ground pools, beautiful outdoor kitchens, cozy firepits, and incredible patios. It seems like something only the lucky could ever have… but it’s not! Now more than ever getting the perfect backyard living space not only attainable but also endlessly beneficial. Building any of these outdoor living space ideas will not only improve your life at home but also your home’s value when its time to move on. In this article, we’ll discuss some ideas of what backyard living spaces you could build and how much they increase the value of your home

In-ground pools are the favorites in outdoor living amenities.

Pools are a classic, summertime hot spot for any home. Pools are great for hosting parties, staying cool in the heat of summer, and also getting exercise while also having fun. In-ground pools have grown in popularity because they look amazing; their one downside is that some buyers may have hesitations about buying a home with a pool. Pools do require some work and those with little kids may fear their safety. Adding safety features are a good way to help ease those hesitations and increase your ROI (return on investment). Something as simple as a fence or gate will help keep wandering animals or kids from accidentally falling in and thus, in turn, increase the home’s value.

In-ground pool installed by Cambridge Landscaping

Outdoor Kitchens, great for hosting in your own backyard!

Outdoor kitchens give you a lot to appreciate, whether for your own personal enjoyment or for the hosting possibilities. It can blend in and accent your hardscape and landscape elements, tieing your entire backyard together. It’s almost like adding an entire room to your home. Your return on investment can be as high as 200% so it is very much worth it from a reselling perspective. Unlike pools, there aren’t many out there that will say no to an outdoor kitchen so this addition won’t scare any potential buyers out there.

Kitchen patio bar design by Cambridge Landscaping

Patios are a great addition to any backyard living space.

Patios are an elegant backyard living feature that can be added to any property. Enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of the indoors, something you can enjoy in your daily life, or your guests can enjoy at get-to-together. Pull out the grill in the summer and furnish it with comfortable seating and you have a beautiful space to spend time in. Patios are a popular option because it is typically more affordable than other options, but can also have more outdoor living features added to it. Adding a patio will absolutely have a great ROI when it time to sell.

Outdoor Living Design Patio

Firepits, an all-year-round classic feature!

Firepits, a feature that can easily be used all year round. It adds to the coziness of your backyard living space and is a simple yet exciting feature while hosting. The best part about adding a fire pit to your property is that it is inexpensive yet still greatly increases your home’s value. There are many options in how they look and how they are fueled so your firepit can really be unique to you and your home’s style.

Fire-pit masonry

The biggest thing to remember is to make sure you are getting the right person for the job when you want these backyard living features built for your home. An improperly built deck, patio, pool, or firepit will not only not look good but can also be hazardous. It is easier and more cost-effective to make sure your outdoor kitchen and other outdoor living spaces are built perfectly the first time. So now that you know that not only can you get a dream backyard but that it is a great investment overall, its time to get building! Get started on your landscaping projects before isolation lets up and summer comes in full swing. We all have a lot of socializing and relaxing to catch up on! Call us at Cambridge Landscapes about your next big backyard improvement plans!

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